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Metal Artists to look for (Part 1) : David MADERO

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Humans use metals to make artwork since the dawn of time. Casting, forging, and several other techniques has been used over ages for this purpose. In modern times, with the development of fabrication and welding techniques we've seen the emergence of new type of metal artists, David Madero, is one of them.

You've certainly already seen this piece as it has been around the internet for a while. It's been made by him and his team for the Miller's Monterrey Technical Center. A stainless steel made welder emerging from inside a pipe. How cool is that? David Madero cool is the answer! It certainly looks more alive than certain dudes I've worked with!

From a technical point of view, from what I understood, the pipe have been first plasma cut, then holes have been filled with large 1/4" ss rods and migged over to fill the gaps and give it a texture. The welder itself has been made following the same process, religiously shaped with rods and then MIG (MAG if you prefer) welded. After that came a ton of grinding, polishing to get this incredible textured finish looking.

This piece can be seen as a tribute to our trade and that's one of the reasons I've picked Madero first for this series of articles dedicated to metal artists. May the arc force be with you David!

That one piece is just jaw dropping. Not only this eagle biting a snake is absolutely huge by its dimensions but you can barely believe it's not alive.

The amount of details is mesmerizing, every sigle feather has been textured with welds, or made out of rods welded together. Just imagine the amount of patience, dedication, that has been put into it.

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